An important method to save money

Imagine that you are debt free – you have no more sleepless nights thinking about your credit cards, that you no longer have debts and those interests of them constantly increasing that do not let you lead a quiet life, and there is no possibility of threats for part of any collection agencies. All this can come true.

In the world of Personal Finance there are three things you can do:

  • Be very saver, even if you don’t know what to do with that money later and end up spending it on things you don’t need.
  • Being an investor, that is, the person who puts his money to produce more money even if he squanders it on unnecessary things.
  • And finally a person who saves money and does not waste it and in turn puts the money to produce more money.

If you see, the ideal would be the third point, but today many do not even make the first or the second separately, they are more constantly in debt.
With regard to saving money, there are efficient methods that would affect your budget in a positive way.

Basic Tips to Save Money:

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As I mentioned in other articles there are some tips that are very important that you can not forget when taking something, going to eat or earn some extra money.

Reduce the intake of expensive coffee drinks. Did you know that reducing your intake of expensive coffee can make you 72 million pesos richer in thirty years? Oh! How? Well, that is possible if you start saving the eight thousand pesos that you invest in the Coffee every day in Starbucks. If because of necessity you insist on buying a drink, pay for a bottle of juice is cheaper and healthier for you.

Eating in restaurants during rest periods costs a lot. However, if you have a habit of packing your lunch, you start saving half the money you are spending.

The “problem” of earning more money

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How many times have you noticed that the more money you earn, the more money you spend? This to be an unavoidable law for many people and when this should be a benefit it becomes a “problem”, this is where it becomes important to live below income, which does not mean that you start to pass needs or anything similar, On the contrary, this says that he does not need more money to live even if he earns more, because how was he living before generating this extra income?

Living below your income can help you save money. The important thing is that that money that you have not spent and that you have of “surplus”, enters your account and is not wasted, at least if you are not going to invest it, then that it enters your emergency money bag.

Now what is the method?

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Always when I have had clients who have problems with their Personal Finances it is for a reason that in the end it ends up covering the previously seen and many others, which is the following:
You are losing a lot of money through emotional shopping. Look at all the items you have in your home and you will realize that in your majority they are unnecessary. Therefore, before spending try to make sure that your goal is to get the things you really need. The things you buy unnecessarily never add value to your life.

I want to say that, in my view, economic problems are largely paradigmatic, which strengthen bad habits of money management, which lead us to have financial problems of all kinds.

What I said above may not mean much to you, but on the subject of Personal and Household Finance, the vast majority of economic problems are done by the small details, which by doing so repeatedly become a gigantic “snowball” that then it becomes a serial problem and very difficult to control.


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