Good Finance Home Credit Card Benefits

Do you know the feeling of longing for something you simply don’t have in your wallet? Whether it’s a piece of dream furniture, tasteful jewelry, an exotic holiday with a significant last minute discount or a new piece to your existing wardrobe.

There is a credit card from a non-banking company, Good Finance Home Credit, for these and many other things. This credit card allows you to conveniently make installments anytime, anywhere.

Good Finance Home Credit Card Benefits

Good Finance Home Credit Card Benefits

With this card you can finally afford what you would not normally buy. The Good Finance Home Credit credit card is used to cover purchases totaling USD 100,000, without interest. With the card, you can buy in installments, pay in supermarkets and wherever they accept Master Cards .

In addition, the Good Finance Home Credit credit card allows classic ATM withdrawals and online payments via the Internet. The interest-free period during which you do not pay any fees to the company lasts for 51 days. Then it is necessary to pay the classic interest. Repayment of the borrowed amount may be spread over up to 25 months.

Good Finance Home Credit always offers something extra


At present, the credit card of the company is being slowly but surely displaced by a new product, the Premia credit card from Good Finance Home Credit . With this credit card you can save up to 10% off the price of purchased items. Since Good Finance Home Credit has a wide network of partners throughout the Czech Republic, you earn a certain amount of points with each partner purchase, which is gradually accrued to you, allowing you to shop at selected partners at a significant discount.

Do you know what a credit card is and what is the difference between a credit card and a debit card ? Read this article.

For purchases from company partners you get 11% back in the form of bonus points. Once you have reached the 100 point limit, you will receive a voucher of the same amount that can be used with every subsequent purchase. As with the Good Finance Home Credit card, there are 51 interest-free days during which you can borrow up to USD 100,000 without paying any fees.

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