How much does Loan and Credit Club Credit Card cost?

The Loan and Credit Club credit card is not just an ordinary payment revolving card. It is the oldest payment card ever and it first appeared on our market in 1998.

It offers its users many advantages and clearly set conditions of use. The Diners Club credit card can be issued to anyone who has reached the age of eighteen, depending on the individual assessment of their application by the company.

How much does Loan and Credit Club Credit Card cost?

How much does Loan and Credit Club Credit Card cost?

The basis of the card is a revolving loan in the amount of USD 30,000 to 350,000, depending on the creditworthiness of a particular client. An indisputable advantage here is a very long interest-free period, up to 60 days, which applies not only to payments but also to cash withdrawals. Furthermore, the card offers a very pleasant interest rate of only 13.9% per month.

Your credit for the card is clearly set to USD 1,490 per year , whether you use it or not. The price also includes a change of PIN, temporary increase of the card limit, delivery of a replacement card, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and emergency cash available abroad.

Travel insurance

A very nice bonus of this credit card is travel insurance, which does not need to be activated anywhere, every issued Loan and Credit Club Credit Card receives it automatically. It applies not only to its holder but also to its three fellow travelers. If your card is lost or stolen, Diners Club will issue a new card to you anywhere in the world.

Installments and withdrawals


You use at least 5% of your card withdrawn monthly, with the minimum amount of USD 500. Of course, it is possible to set up direct debit payments on current account, including regular direct debit 100% installment. The card can also be used for direct withdrawals from ATMs, but here it is somewhat restrictive that the company does not have its own ATMs and for withdrawals from ATMs of another company always pay a fee of USD 39 + 2% of the amount withdrawn. In case of withdrawal from the card abroad, the Financial Times exchange rate valid on the settlement date + 2.5% will be used.

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