Loan and Credit Loan – Pioneer in micro-loans

It is sometimes called the Finnish loan because Loan and Credit, a provider of non-bank loans, was established in Finland . Thanks to its popularity and quick handling, it has also gained popularity in other European countries, including the Czech Republic.

Loan and Credit Loan – Pioneer in micro-loans

Loan and Credit Loan - Pioneer in micro-loans

Loan and Credit Loan has won a number of clients mainly for its microloans (more on microloans). In this respect, the company is a pioneer, definitely on the Czech market. Never before had a small loan with it immediately settled. Loan and Credit Loan is the oldest micro-loan in the Czech Republic and is being sought by more and more people.


More and more clients are attracting the Loan and Credit loan mainly because of the reliability and credibility they can boast, since it has been operating on the Czech market since 2005. And besides that, the company’s history is many years longer.

Loan and Credit loan – no interest

The Loan and Credit loan has gained enormous attention thanks to a very good and thoughtful marketing move , presenting itself as a quick loan, without interest. With Loan and Credit, you pay no percentage interest, but a fixed, fixed fee that you know well in advance, so you can imagine how much you will have to pay back at the end.

Loan and Credit micro loans

Loan and Credit micro loans

Handling a loan from a non-banking company Loan and Credit is quite simple and fast. Online, without unnecessary delay, you fill out a simple application , where you do not forget to specify the amount of the loan, the period for which you want to repay the amount and then of course personal information. You’ll have your money in your account soon, no later than twenty-four hours, but it’s usually within an hour.


Small loans also have a short maturity, but you may not be able to repay the loan on time . It may not be your fault, but the money promised to you by a certain date is simply not available. Fortunately, you can extend your repayment period up to three times with a Loan and Credit loan.

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